Afternoons with Tim Ylinen


Tim Ylinen
Tim Ylinen

I’ve been rockin’ the air waves on 95.5 GLO since 1995. Holy cow that’s a long time! But still thoroughly enjoying it and having tons of fun  every single day hanging out with you!

Join me Weekdays from 2pm – 7pm. We’ll kick things off each day with the “Noon Workday Blocks of Classic Rock” and continue rockin’ your favorites all day long!

  • Some Of My Favorite TV Shows: Deadliest Catch, Alaskan Bush People, Sons of Winter, Dancing with the Stars, Alf, Mash, Roseanne, WKRP, News Radio, & Full House (Yes, I said Full House. Come on, I know you like it too!)
  • Some Food Favorites: Beef Tacos,, Chicken Tacos, Taco Salad, Burritos, Enchiladas, Chips & Salsa, Chips & Queso, Re-fried Beans, Rice, Hot Sauce, Red Sauce, Olives, Lettuce, what am I forgetting??
  • I know what the effective isotropic radiated power of a repeater station with 200 watts transmitter power output, 2-dB feed line loss, 2.8-dB duplexer loss, 1.2-dB circulator loss and 7-dBi antenna gain is.
  • When it’s winter, I long for summer. When it’s summer, I long for winter.
  • I love being on the water.
  • I once got stranded with a friend in a boat at 3am on the Illinois River. Don’t ask!  🙂