Red Hot Chili Peppers Sing About Eddie Van Halen With New Song “Eddie”

Well, Peoria Rock fans, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are at it again in 2022. The guys have been insanely active and full of creativity this year, releasing not just one, but two new albums this year. The second new album, ‘The Return Of The Dream Canteen’, is set for a October 14th release. The band dropped a great new song late this Summer, ‘Tippa My Tongue’, from the album, and now, a new song has been unleashed. The new song is titled “Eddie”, and it’s a nod to their love of Eddie Van Halen. The lyrics are certainly very direct, Anthony Kiedis sings, “It’s Only 1983, please don’t remember me. For what I did with David, you know I’m talking David Lee.” An obvious reference to original lead singer David Lee Roth with that lyric,. The Peppers are certainly on fire, check out the lyric video below!