Listen Starting Friday For Our “Double Ozz” Weekend, You Can Score The New Ozzy Album, ‘Patient Number 9!’

Hey Peoria Rock and Metal Fans, are you excited for the new OZZY OSBOURNE Album, “Patient Number 9??” We sure are, the new OZZY album is out this Friday, September 9th for the world to hear, and you can score it! Beginning this Friday, September 9th, thru this Sunday September 11th, listen up for Back-To-Back songs (Two-In-Row), from the Prince Of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne! After the second Ozzy song finishes, dial us up on our listener lines for your chance to win! For you 105-7-The-X Fans, be caller TEN at 309-495-9496! For you Classic Rock fans listening on 95.5 WGLO, be caller NINE at 309-676-9595!

Let’s celebrate the new OZZY, “Patient Number 9!” Big THANKS to Epic Records! Let’s Rock our “Double Ozz’ Weekend!