Enjoy Lost Classics And No Repeat Weekends on 95-5, GLO!

You know, the weekends are for you, right? A break from the crazy world of work, and stress from the week. So, here at 95-5, GLO, we want to you to enjoy our amazing variety of Classic Rock, with our “Lost Classics No Repeat” Weekends! Starting Saturday mornings at 9am, and continuing until 9pm on Sundays, we tee up those lost gems, those great songs that you haven’t heard in some time. Great album cuts, one hit wonders, or songs that were big at the time, but haven’t been teed up since your High School days or College days. So, relax, start a project, run errands, and take us with you all weekend, for our Lost Classics and No Repeats here on 95-5, G-L-O!