Shinedown Unleashes New Song “Planet Zero”, Preps New Album!

Well Peoria Rock fans, your favorite band is back with a vengeance! Brent Smith and his band mates in Shinedown have unleashed their new single, titled “Planet Zero”, and have a new album ready to fire off to the masses! As you know, we have Shinedown here in the River City of Peoria on April 9th at the Peoria Civic Center Arena for the Revolutions Live Tour, with The Pretty Reckless and Diamante. Got your tickets yet?? These guys are one of your favorite live bands ever in Peoria. Sooo many awesome shows in our history with the band. Multi-Platinum, 17 number one songs on the Rock chart, these dudes simply deliver. The new album is also titled ‘Planet Zero’, and the themes focus on cancel culture, corrosive effects of social media on mental health, and toxic division among different ideologies. Ready for new Shinedown, Peoria???