Foo Fighters Release Hilarious New Video For “Love Dies Young”, Featuring Jason Sudeikis

So, leave it to Dave Grohl and the mighty Foo Fighters to continue with their legacy of hilarious music videos. We certainly love Dave and the Foo! The Foo Fighters certainly plays in Peoria! The new video is for the song “Love Dies Young.” Jason Sudeikis plays a swim coach, which, right there, tells you this is gonna be good. The members of the Foo Fighters heads are oddly super-imposed onto the bodies of actual female swim team members in the video. Creative, right? The result? Hilarity at it’s finest! Dave Grohl himself produced the video. The ending is a doozy, so, prepare yourself! The new song is the new single off of their album ‘Medicine At Midnight.’, which has already had three #1 Rock singles. Check out the video below! Rock on!