Metallica Wows Chicago With Last Minute Impromptu Concert!

Photo Credit: Herring & Herring. Photo provided and approved by Q-Prime



Well, this is certainly awesome. Leave it to the world’s biggest Metal band to announce that they are going to play a live show in Chicago, on the same day of their announcement….say what? Yep, that’s exactly what Metallica did on Monday September 20th in Chicago. In a last minute announcement, Metallica revealed that they’d be performing at the legendary Metro Theater on Monday afternoon, for a show that night! That monumental announcement shocked fans, and it resulted in thousands of fans swarming the Metro Box Office, trying to get tickets. According to a rep at the venue, tickets were just $20, and fans were required to be vaccinated. Leave it to Metallica to be full of surprises!

As you can imagine, the show sold out immediately, and the band went on to perform one kick-ass show. In a statement, Metallica said on Monday, “That was way too much fun last week as we finally played in front of real live fans for the first time in over two years in our hometown of San Francisco. So why not do it again? This time we’re in Chicago and we’ll be hitting the stage at the storied Metro on Clark Street tonight–our first time back there since 1983!” Check out some captured video below. Too cool for the room, eh?? Feel free to do this in Peoria Dudes!