Eddie Vedder Drops New Solo Single “Long Way”

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch. Photo provided and approved by Republic/umusic


So….Peoria Rock fans, Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder has dropped a new solo single, and has plans for a new solo album! The single is titled “Long Way”, and it’s the first single from his new solo album, ‘Earthling.’ The new single is available via the Pearl Jam “Ten” club, and is available in a limited edition 7-inch vinyl along with an extra song titled “The Haves.” Remember Andrew Watt? You may recall his name as the producer of the latest Ozzy Osbourne album, who heads up the duties on the new Vedder project. Very cool to have Ed out there with new material. Check out the video below! Peoria certainly loves Pearl Jam, and the voice of Eddie Vedder! Enjoy!