Virginia Tech’s “Enter Sandman” College Football Entrance Explodes On A ‘Seismograph!’

Image provided and approved by Q-Prime


Welp, this is just bad-ass! Did you see the viral video of Virginia Tech’s college football team storming the field to a massive, pounding rendition of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman??” If you didn’t, check out the video below! Wow, this was freaking epic! So, this explosion of Metallica being cranked with the 65,000 screaming college football fans actually registered on a seismograph! A local person posted a seismograph reading in for Blacksburg, Virginia  to the college football reddit, including a large green blob when the crowd of 65,000 at Lane Stadium began jumping up and down. This has been a 20 year tradition, and it’s pretty rad! Check out the video below!