Enjoy Lost Classics And No Repeats All Weekend On GLO!

Image designed by Kirsten Krupps. Image provided and approved by Matt Bahan


Weekends are freaking awesome here on 95-5, G-L-O! Beginning Saturday morning at 9am,  and rolling thru Sunday nights at 9pm, we dive into our archives, pull out the vinyl, and crank up our “Lost Classics No Repeat Weekend” here on GLO! All of those amazing songs that you haven’t heard in potentially years! Songs that will bring you right back to being 18, cruising in Central Illinois in that awesome Camaro, while enjoying those glory days of the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s! Got a request for a Lost Classic??? Let us know! Meanwhile, enjoy our weekends, and thanks for Rockin’ with us here, on 95-5, G-L-O!