Doc Watson Is Baack….Rockin’ Afternoons 3-7pm On GLO!

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Photo credit:: Kirsten Krupps. Photo approved by Cumulus Peoria


Yep, things are certainly looking up, and feeling positive, Classic Rock fans!. Here at 95-5, G-L-O, we are beyond excited to announce the return of our old friend, one Doc Watson! Doc was with us for over a decade in our afternoon show, 3pm-7pm, navigating amazing Classic Rock, leading our High School Football platform, and being well, Doc! As the pandemic unleashed it’s fury and stress, we had changes here on our airwaves, which resulted in Doc leaving his show over a year ago. Today….that all changes! We are beyond proud and excited to announce the return of Doc in his old chair, 3pm-7pm, he is baack, and ready to Rock! Loads of amazing Classic Rock, Doc’s Dealio, Sports, the 5 O’ Clock Free Ride….and so much more! New concepts and plans will be unleashed soon! So, celebrate with us, G-L-O fans, Doc Watosn is back, in all of his glory, it’s time to Rock with the Doc! Yeess!!