Nikki Sixx And Rob Zombie Team Up For Super Group, ‘L.A. Rats’

Image provided and approved by Big Machine/John Varvatos.


Well….well. Here we go! So, Peoria Rock fans, are you ready for one ball busting amazing super group?? So, Nikki Sixx has partnered up with Horror-Metal Legend Rob Zombie, guitarist John 5, and drummer Tommy Clufetos for the new super group, “L.A. Rats.” The band has just released their new single, “I’ve Been Everywhere”, which will be featured on the new soundtrack for the Liam Neeson Netflix movie, “The Ice Road.” You may recall this song prior, as it was originally released way back in 1959 by Geoff Mack, and has been covered by numerous artists since, including Johnny Cash. The song is instantly catchy, and has amazing blazing guitar, thumping bass, amazing drumming, and that signature Rob Zombie wail that you know so well. We have just unleashed the song here on the airwaves for you Peoria Rock fans. No word as of yet if these guys plan on releasing more material. One thing is for sure, there are some super groups that just simply work, and these guys areĀ  certainly one of them! Check out the lyric video below! Let’s Rock!