Morel Mushroom Hunting In Peoria

Photo By Anna Kinkade


Unpopular opinion….I don’t really see the hype over morel mushrooms…don’t blast me…please!

I never actually even herd of morel mushrooms until several years back and I’ve only had them ONCE and they were re-heated leftovers and let’s get real, this is one of those things that ya just can’t re-heat and eat. I know you’re asking “So why did you have them that way then?”. My friend shared his with me, and all he had was left overs from the night before, my take was I could take them or leave them. So I have never went “hunting for shrooms”.

A couple of days ago I was walking my dog in my ‘hood and I noticed a giant morel growing in a neighbors yard but I wasn’t 100% this was the real deal. So I did naturally what everyone would do, I took a picture and posted it to facebook and indeed it is (it’s hollow inside like most of you told me to look for). Upon further inspection that neighbor has NINE morels growing in their front yard and the yard next door has another eight! I may not know much but I do know this is odd, as we are on an average city street, not a lot of moisture or a wooded area. Perhaps I’m wrong on that but I always thought those were the best places to look.

Before ya get all worked up and tell me they could still be phonies I did have them verified by a shroom veteran.

Permission was granted for me to enjoy the morels, so should I give these bad boys another try and if so what’s your favorite way to enjoy them?