Ayron Jones Releases Video For Latest Single “Mercy”

Photo Credit: Karen Mason Blair. Photo provided and approved by Big Machine Label Group

So, here in the last year, we’ve enjoyed soooo much great new Rock coming at us here in the River City, Peoria. Simply put, we love our Rock, and we really dig new Rock artists who dazzle and wow us in the process. Seattle Rocker Ayron Jones has been one of those artist who has exploded out of the gate in the last year. His first single, “Take Me Away” was a big success on the Rock chart. His new single “Mercy” can be heard here on the X, and he has just released a new video to go with it. Check it out here, Peoria Rock fans! And yes, with Rock shows slowly coming back safely at some point later this year, it would be a ton of fun to bring Ayron here to Peoria. Yes, we miss our shows, as you do! More soon! Check out new Ayron Jones! Rock