Foo Fighters Release Animated Video For Song “Chasing Birds”

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch. Photo provided and approved by Roswell Records/RCA Records


Well, Dave Grohl and the almighty Foo Fighters had some fun with the 4/20 vibe, by releasing a fun, animated video for the song “Chasing Birds.” The song is featured on their new album, ‘Medicine At Midnight.’ The band posted on their social media outlets the phrase, “Anyone have plans for 4/20?” The new video is a psychedelic ride in the desert, with that typical Foo Fighter flare and sense of humor. The song is mellow, trippy, psychedelic in it’s own right, and features some great harmonizing from Grohl. The animated video showcases each band member animated, and takes you on a spectacular ride. Check it out here, Peoria fans! Is there anything that Dave and the Foo can’t do? I’m really digging this mellow sound, and the instrumentation is fantastic as well. Foo-Yeah!