Royal Blood Unveil Title Track From New Album, “Typhoons”

Photo Credit: Dean Martindale. Photo supplied and approved by Warner Records


Well, this is some exciting news, X Fans! You’ve already heard the first single from England’s ROYAL BLOOD in the last six months, “Trouble’s Coming”, but the band is now releasing their second single from the new album “Typhoons”, and it’s the title track to the new album, due out April 30th. Royal Blood consists of two amazing musicians, Mike Kerr on vocals, bass, keys and piano, and drummer Ben Thatcher. They sound like a band that has four or five guys hammering multiple instruments, but no, this is a duo. A duo with a serious power punch! Royal Blood has wowed Rock fans since they exploded onto the scene in 2014. Now, in the midst of the pandemic, they are releasing their new album, and look for world domination. We haven’t had Royal Blood in the River City as of yet, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to see that happen down the road, when we are safe and unleashing Peoria X Rock shows again? Check out the new video and song “Typhoons” from Royal Blood, cheers! I’m loving this new Rock in 2021!