Anna Kinkade Joins The Peoria Jaycees Pie In The Face Competition [VIDEO]

Photo By Peoria Jaycees


Here’s your chance to Pie Anna Kinkade in the face!!!

Well someone is going to get a pie in the face, you will decide who, we just hope it will be Anna Kinkade.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Peoria Jaycees were unable to facilitate the majority of their fundraising events throughout 2020 and will most likely have similar roadblocks in 2021. However, the group has come up with new (covid-friendly) events that can help them, help the community and one of these event’s is the Peoria Jaycees Pie in the Face competition!

This is a social media-based fundraising event where people pay to vote for who they want to watch get a pie smashed in their face. The competition will run for 1 week, starting tomorrow, March 3rd  and run through March 10th. YOU can cast a vote by paying $1
to the Peoria Jaycees Venmo or Paypal account and indicating in the comment section who they are voting for. You can vote as many times as you would like ($1 = 1 votes, $20 = 20 votes, $50 = 50 votes etc.). Whoever accumulates the most votes after the one week timeframe will be the winner.

Voting Options:
1. To vote via VENMO, send $ to @PeoriaJaycees and indicate in the comment of your payment who you are voting for. *please note that some people may be asked for a 4 digit code, which is 1776.
2. To vote via PayPal or Debit/credit card, click the link below! Don’t forget to indicate in the “notes” section of the payment who you are voting for!

Here’s why you want it to be Anna Kinkade! The winner will not only be recorded getting a pie smashed in their face, but they will also receive 50% of all profits accrued from the competition to donate to a local charity or organization of their choice. Anna has chose TRAIN-Team Rescuing Animals In Need as her charity. Anna has been a volunteer foster home through TRAIN, as you know she is a huge dog lover and loves the opportunity to help this small local charity receive some much needed funds. TRAIN is volunteer based and is funded by donations.

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