The Offspring Storm Back With New Single, “Let The Bad Times Roll”

Photo Credit: Daveed Benito. Photo and artwork approved by Concord Music


Well, it’s been nine years since we’ve heard from them, but the Offspring are baaack! For us Peoria punk flavored alternative rock fans, this is great news. The band has released their new single, “Let The Bad Times Roll”, which is also the name of their new album. The new album is set for a April 16th release. Frontman Dexter Holland has taken his time to bring the band back into the fold. Their last album was 2012’s ‘Days Go By’, and it fees like it’s been even longer. Hard to believe that this band has been at it since the 1990’s, and when you think of all of those huge songs, you start to realize the ultimate impact of this California punk-pop outfit. We’ve never had an Offspring show here in Peoria, that needs to change, don’t you think?? Great to have the Offspring back!