Greta Van Fleet Bounce Back With New Single “My Way, Soon”, And New Album Plans

Photo Credit: Matthew Daniel Siskin. Photo provided and approved by AM/FM.


Greta Van Fleet just might be the most talked about new Rock act of the last five years. They exploded onto the Rock scene, with a blend of classic sounding Rock, mixed with blues, and soulful harmony. Their power punch of melody and bluesy hard rock immediately grabbed the attention of the Rock masses, we loved them immediately here at the X, and you did too-we brought them in for our Nutcracker Christmas show that same year. That show sold out, by the way, as they played loud and proud that night as an opening act. The band hasn’t been able to escape the Led Zeppelin comparison, due to lead vocalist Josh Kiszka’s high pitched vocals, which instantly takes Rock fans back to a certain vibe and sound. While that’s not entirely fair, they are their own band, they plunged forward and managed to win Grammy awards, and score multiple number one songs on the Rock chart. Bottom line, very few bands have grabbed the attention of the Rock masses like this band has.

Fast forward to October 2020. Greta Van Fleet has just released their new single, “My Way, Soon”, which I debuted today on the Morning X. It’s a Rocker, with a nice groove accompanied by those raw, high pitched unique vocals. The band has taken their time in recording, as they are still in the process of finishing up their new album. I’m sure Covid-19 has been another challenge in 2020. It’s great to have them back at it. It’s refreshing to have a band stay true to their sound, their goals, and to move forward and be who they are naturally. Let’s Rock, Boys! Welcome back