There’s Something Scary Happening In Bartonville In October

OLD STATE MINE is a brand-new, all original Haunted Trail by the production company that has brought you the Haunted Infirmary for the last 9 years. Located on an original mine of the Old State Hospital Hilltop, OLD STATE MINE is an outdoor trail based around the legend of an old mining village that was overtaken by an evil entity known as Doom. Journey down through time to unveil the origins of Doom’s evil plan for assimilation.

Win tickets by clicking our Rewards link, listen for the code words, enter them, add a points, win tickets!

The Mine is filled with all original characters, with old favorites for photos while you wait–get your picture taken with Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees, and Freddy Kreuger, among other monsters!

OLD STATE MINE is an addition to the Top 10-rated Haunted House, the Infirmary, that is located on the grounds of the Old State Hospital. Well-marked six feet social distancing waiting line.

An expanse of two city blocks has been allowed for our waiting area.The ticket booth is located at the entrance, allowing customers to leave the waiting area with no refund hassles. Prepaid ticketing is available at Haunted, allowing for No-Touch entrance to the attraction. Tickets are $10 at the door, cash only at the ticket booth for a reduced level of contact and exchange. 1/8th mile-long Haunted Trail with a timed release into the attraction allowing three groups inside of the trail at one time, achieving a large social distance area between groups. Monsters, ghosts, and ghouls will be temperature-checked upon arrival each night, will wear a mask during the event, and follow health department regulations at all times. The trail is a completely customer no-touch zone.  A participant of average ability should be able to pass through the trail without the use of a hand railing. Hand sanitizer station provided. Masks/face coverings are requested to be worn by customers.  No Halloween masks allowed. For more details, click here.