Brian Johnson Talks About All The Members Of AC/DC In New Interview [VIDEO]

Photo By Youtube/weloveacdc


Brian Johnson appeared on Joe Walsh’s Old Fashioned Rock n’ Roll Radio Show on Saturday night, and talked of his AC/DC bandmates, could this only fuel more  AC/DC album rumors? You can take a listen below and hear the interview but here’s the cliffs notes.

Walsh asked if he’d spoken to Angus Young lately, Johnson said, “Actually, it’s the craziest thing. Angus’s wife, Ella, she loves to cook. And that’s what we were talking about — how to make scones.’ He also added that Angus is safe and well.

Johnson went on talk about the rest of the lineup that has supposedly recorded a new album. “Phil [Rudd] is safe]. Cliff [Williams] is up in the mountains of North Carolina…  I don’t know where Stevie [Young] is. He’s somewhere.”

AC/DC was rumored to announce the new album and a tour this year, but the pandemic has postponed those plans. Johnson added that staying at home has made him really miss concerts.

Here’s the interview below.