Steve Gorman Set to Host Our “Last Official Weekend Of Summer” Special This Saturday!

Photo provided and approved by Westwood One

Yep, it’s had to believe, but the end of the Summer is here. Hello Labor Day Weekend, and hello the Fall! Here on 95-5, G-L-O, we are teeing up some fun this Holiday weekend, with our Lost Classics No Repeat Weekend, but at Noon this Saturday, we are handing over the controls to our own Steve Gorman, from “Steve Gorman Rocks!” for the “Last Official Weekend Of Summer” show, where Steve will play whatever he likes! The fun starts at Noon, this Saturday, September 5th, until 4pm! Awesome Classic Rock, story-telling from Steve, all while you crank the classic Rock, grill some food, drink some beer, and enjoy family and friends, safely! Don’t miss the fun, this Saturday, September 5th, here, on 95-5, G-L-O!