Rolling Stones Release New Song From 1974 With Jimmy Page, “Scarlet”

Image and photo provided and approved by Matt Bahan

So, this is just damn cool, any way you slice it. The Rolling Stones, yes, those Rolling Stones, have just dropped a new song. That in itself is pretty great, but, this one has a twist. The song “Scarlet” was released to the masses on July 22nd, and it has quite the interesting back story. You see, this song has been sitting in the vault for decades. The band jammed this song in a studio session in 1974, with no other than Jimmy Page of LED ZEPPELIN sitting in! Apparently, Zeppelin was in the studio just prior to the Stones arriving. And while Zeppelin finished up their session, the Stones moved in. Jimmy Page decided to hang around, and he plugged in and jammed. The song “Scarlet” wasn’t meant to be released, but now, years later, it sounds fresh, and innovative. How can you not release this song, right?

“Scarlet” is set to included on the re-issue of “Goats Head Soup”, which is set for release on September 4th. If you are a Stones, or Zeppelin fan, you can’t help but not love this collaboration. It makes you wonder, how many more jam sessions are there out there, right? Enjoy new Stones, and Jimmy Page!