YouTuber Creates ‘New’ AC/DC Tune [VIDEO]



While we wait for new music from AC/DC, we can be thankful for intelligent, fans out there who can create some for us.  created his own new song using modeling software.

YouTuber Funk Turkey used a computer program, normally used for analysis of things such as DNA evolution, computer speech recognition, predicting thermodynamic states, solar panel efficiency, stock market trends and Web-surfing behavior, it to make the song “Great Balls.”

Turkey says, “I put the lyrics of AC/DC into a bot and asked it to write a song.”

He’s also done this with a Nickelback song, and he plans to try it with Bob Dylan and Metallica.

By the way, AC/DC have recorded and released three songs with the word balls in the title — “Big Balls,” “Got You by the Balls” and “She’s Got Balls” so needless to say a song called “Great Balls” isn’t a stretch. Listen below.