Adjusting To Life In A Soft Lockdown, Coronavirus World, With 10 Positive Thoughts


To start your week in a better frame of mind, here are 10 quick positive thoughts as we get through this Shelter in Place, Stay at Home month of April:

We don’t live in communist China, where a hard lock-down kept residents anchored inside their home, under penalty of arrest.

All coronaviruses eventually meet their match. It may take a year, but a vaccine will be found. The smartest minds in the world are tackling it, they’ll find a cure. This, too, shall pass.

When we are released to the next, new normal, we will not take for granted the activities, concerts, events, sports and get-togethers that enrich our lives. I hope that feeling lasts a long time.

Statistically, and these are ever-evolving, we are still very unlikely to meet our end from COVID-19. The great majority of us will not get sick, and the great majority of those infected will not die.

There are state and national government programs being enacted that will help with money for individuals and businesses hurt by the economic slow/shut-down. There will be tribulation in the interim, but there is some help out there.

While we are mostly stuck at home, most of us have a great standard of living, with boredom being our biggest inconvenience.

More home time can be more quality time with your family than we’re used to, even if the walls feel like they’re closing in at times. Practice quieting your mind while doing deep, belly breathing when anxiety strikes.

Aside from the initial, panic-buying of toilet paper and Clorox wipes (we still don’t have those at our home), there have been far more examples of people pulling together for the common good than the opposite.

Dr. Fauci, a national treasure and wealth of knowledge, calm and reason.

You still have your longtime radio friends at 95.5, GLO, to talk you through this unprecedented time, thank to our engineer Jerry and IT guy Tim Ylinen.  From the Bob and Tom Show to Anna Kinkade to Tim to me and night rocker Steve Gorman. We have a lineup that rivals the big markets in talent and experience. We’re still playing the greatest classic rock of all time, while keeping you in touch with info and stories of our new reality.

I, personally, am doing pretty well, broadcasting from home for the first time in my 30+ year career. I’m making sure I get some exercise and sunshine daily. I’m really grateful the Rock Island Trail Greenway runs through my neighborhood. I get to see my grand kids per usual. I still have my recovery meetings to attend through Zoom. And I’ve made some calls to friends and family that I had been procrastinating.

We, as a nation, haven’t been tested really since 9/11. We lived through that, things changed some, and we adapted. I expect us to do the same this time. Wishing you all the best this month,

Doc Watson