Shazam Racing Wants To Help Keep You Moving

Photo Provided by Shazam Racing


This is exactly what I needed! A free running event, to motivate me and keep me moving. Yeah Yeah, Boyd does that job pretty well but a fun event I can do with friends, virtually of course, just makes it more fun.

Shazam Racing of Peoria has just kicked off a virtual series 5k to encourage you to get out the door for a run, walk or jog! The series will run for the next four weeks and participants are challenged to complete a 5k each week. You can join the challenge on your own or invite friends and family to join to compete against each other. This is a zero pressure race! There are not awards or trophy’s for the best time, the point is just to keep you moving.

I reached out to Brad Henz from Shazam Racing (he’s also my running coach) and asked him what his inspiration for the series was. Henz said “We want to keep our community engaged in health and wellness during this time, since we can’t get together at some of our favorite community races”, like the Blarney Blitz that was cancelled earlier this month. He said the idea started with wanting to keep Shazam Racing at the forefront of peoples minds but wanting to offer something free of charge and not capitalize on just awarding a t-shirt or medal. “Originally we though of offering a discount coupon for the store, RC Outfitters, and a discount for the whiskydaddle.” Henz continued, it just grew from there and I decided why not reach out to other local businesses and see if they wanted to participate by offering discounts or coupons.” That way they can all work together and all stay in front of our customers and even reach new ones.” Brad also said that more business sponsors are being added daily.

Here’s how it works, each week we will participate in a 5k on our own, and then upload a picture or screen shot from your 5k, remember you can run or walk. You can simply take a picture of your watch, or whatever tracker you use. I use my Fitbit Versa and my Nike Run app. You have all week to complete and submit your 5k. Here’s Boyd and my submission for this week.

Photo By Anna Kinkade


Go sign up and let’s compete against each other!!! Here’s a link to register and to see all the businesses that are participating and what they are offering to those also taking part.