Motley Crue Will Tour In 2020 With Def Leppard And Poison


Flickr User Joel Telling
Flickr User Joel Telling

So, remember all of that hullabaloo about Motley Crue retiring and never touring again? Remember they signed the “cessation” to end touring, and signed it with their own blood? Well, scratch that! The Crue is BAACK, and they have officially ended all speculation, by literally blowing up their “cessation” to end touring contract, with a hilarious video, showing the contract on an office table, being blown up. The band released a video message, with vocals provided by Machine Gun Kelley, who played Tommy Lee, telling everyone about the demand for the Crue to return, after the success of the Netflix Biopic, “The Dirt.” The demand is apparently there, as the band has certainly had an uptick in sales and fan excitement since the release of “The Dirt.” Legions of younger fans have certainly responded, and would love to see the band on stage.

To add to the fun and excitement of this announcement, the band will be hitting stadiums next Summer, with 80’s co-horts Def Leppard, and Poison. Say what? That’s a 1980’s spandex laden explosion of crazy right there! While no dates have been announced, the shows are allegedly going to be during the late Spring and Summer. Will there be new music too? Not sure. A glaring topic is the overall health and condition of the Crue. One report detailed that Vince had to lose 40 pounds, and that Tommy had to go into rehab. While those reports are unfounded, there is legitimate concern about their health of some of their members. We will keep you updated on all things Motley Crue related. So….their Baack….you excited?