Win Tickets For Larry The Cable Guy’s December Peoria Show During Doc’s Dealio 4:45PM Segment This Week! [AUDIO]

peoria civic center

Win tickets for Larry The Cable Guy this week (M, 11/18 – F, 11/22) during my 4:45p segment, Doc’s Dealio.

Larry The Cable Guy’s enjoyed an astounding career. After dropping out of college in Georgia, where he was playing baseball, he found he had a knack for making people laugh. He would’ve been happy to be a stand up comedian for the rest of his life – and he still is, thankfully for his legions of fans. But after the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, doors opened for movies, TV shows, voice-over roles and more.

Now, he’s reached a level of success where he works when he wants. And with his kids at a young, impressionable age, Larry’s turned down his TV and movie gigs to stay at home in Nebraska more. Hear Larry discuss his career, his friendships (REO Speedwagon bassist Bruce Hall among them), political divisiveness and more ahead of his appearance December 3rd at the Peoria Civic Center Theater.

Doc Watson