Pat Benatar Nominted For RNR HOF, Featured On 6:15p Doc’s Deep Dive This Week! [VIDEO]

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Pat Benatar is my favorite female rocker of all time, hands down. She’s had dozens of songs you’ve heard on the radio over the decades and hit the Billboard charts 17 times over a career that peaked from the late 70’s to late 80’s. I love her hits, but especially love the deeper “album” tracks. Somehow, it took until 2019 for Pat and hubby Neil to finally be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you love Pat as much as Spyder and I do, vote daily for her into January at  And enjoy these Benatar gems this week at 6:15p on Doc’s Deep Dive.

flickr jessie pearl

M, 10/21, Wuthering Heights

Tu, 10/22, All Fired Up

W, 10/23, Ooh Ooh Song

Th, 10/24, Every Time I Fall Back

F, 10/25, Looking For A Stranger

Doc Watson