Foreigner Week On Doc’s Deep Dive At 6:15p [VIDEO]

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Foreigner is one of my high school bands – a group that burst onto rock radio as I was hitting my high school, testosterone-laced days. Foreigner was a mix of talented rock musicians from New York and London, basically, so where ever they played or toured, at least some of the members were always “foreigners,” hence the clever name.

Mick Jones, singer Lou Gramm and Ian McDonald brought the group together in NYC in ’76. The debut album album came out a year later, and it was rock gold to my young ears. I loved Foreigner’s first four albums, before I lost a bit of interest in them when they focused more on softer ballads. It’s a bummer that Mick and Lou can’t get together to tour, as they were an awesome front duo. Foreigner, with Mick Jones, is playing in Illinois next months: 6/21 at the Taste of Joliet, and 6/31 in Champaign at the State Farm Center.

I’ve already played a half dozen songs from Foreigner that are not played regularly here on GLO. This week, I’ll spin another five that are great songs that haven’t hit the airwaves in forever.

M, 5/13, Love Has Taken Its Toll

Tu, 5/14, Blinded By Science

W, 5/15, Women

Th, 5/16, Seventeen

F, 5/17, Break It Up

Doc Watson