Random Tunes From My Rock Heroes This Week On Doc’s Deep Dive At 6:15p [VIDEO]

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I’m back to randoms on Doc’s Deep Dive, my week night segment where I feature a song that’s been forgotten by rock radio for the most part. I’ve told the story before that I like “the hits” off rock albums, but prefer the hidden album gems or songs that were not the first ones released as a single…maybe they weren’t even released as a single at all. I think I know a good song one I hear one, to hell with the record reps and radio consultants! This week at 6:15p, I’m putting the audio spotlight on some of my all time favorite artists.

M, 5/6, The Beatles, “She Said She Said”

Tu, 5/7, Bruce Springsteen, “From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)”

W, 5/8, Elvis Costello, “Accidents Will Happen”

Th, 5/9, John Mellencamp, “Hot Dogs & Hamburgers”

F, 5/10, The J. Geils Band, “Southside Shuffle”


Doc Watson