Rockin Paws: Meet Hennessey

Photo By SAMS Rescue


We has teamed with SAMS-Stray Animal Midway Shelter for our pet of the week feature, now known as “Rockin Paws”. Every other week we will try and update you on a dog or cat that is looking for a place to simply call home. Adoption is amazing because SAMS can match you with an animal that is perfect to your lifestyle. They know these pets and can tell you their personality, and needs. They can tell you if they are good with children, need a lot of exercise, are lazy bums and just want to snuggle all day and that’s something you can’t get from buying. You CAN find puppies, you CAN find kittens, you CAN find purebreds but most of all you are SAVING the life of a furry friend.

If you’re looking for a dog that would be great in ANY home, then Hennessey is your man. Hennessey, is a one year old male Chihuahua, he seems to be good with other dogs, but is not a fan of big dogs. Which makes sense since he’s a little guy. From what they can tell at SAMS, he is good with kids and cats and he is also very sweet and energetic.

If you want to see this sweetheart in action in action be sure to watch our Facebook Live video (4/10) on our facebook page here. Of course you can also always see her at SAMS Rescue, 328 S. Pinkerton Rd. Hanna City during adoption hours.
~Anna Kinkade