The Who Returns This Year With Symphonic Moving On Tour And Possible New Album [VIDEO]


UPDATE: “Moving On Tour” concert dates begin on May 7 in Grand Rapids, MI. Tickets on sale, Friday (1/18) thru Live Nation.

May 18, Noblesville, IN

May 21, Chicago. Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

May 23, St. Louis,   ”                 ”               ”

“Love live rock, I need it everyday,” Roger Daltrey famously sung. Words that I live by to this day.

So it’s great to hear that Who will be playing the U.S. this year. No dates are out yet, but it sounds like it’ll be 31 dates over two tour legs, probably kicking off in April in New York, according to a Rolling Stone story today.

The braintrust, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, appears to have come to an agreement. Pete gets to record his new songs with vocals to be added by Roger later this year, with an album to be released this calendar year. “This has nothing to do with wanting a hit album… it’s purely personnel. It’s about my pride, my sense of self-worth and self-dignity as a writer,” Townshend said.


Roger gets to hit the road at age 75 in a dignified manner with local symphonies providing a proper wall of sound and texture to their music. Roger toured in 2018, using a similar format

Pete and Roger don’t really talk when they’re not working together on something Who-related. But late last year, Townshend sent Daltrey demos of songs he’s been working on. Initially, Daltrey had little interest in lending his voice to them, especially since in December, he’d suffered a perforated eardrum. Eventually, Daltrey listened to the songs and said, they’re “great songs,” but wasn’t sure how he could improve upon what his band mate had already done. But now, things seem to be all systems go for a tour and new, Townshend-written material.

Love live The (orchestral) Who!

Doc Watson