Ringo Starr Knighted At Buckingham Palace [VIDEO]

Ringo’s up and done it again. Ringo Starr, the Beatles drummer, is a Knight (again) and MBE, Member of the British Empire. Ringo was feted by himself today in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London.

Prince William did the honors, lightly tapping Sir Ringo on each shoulder with a Royal sword, while an official-sounding Brit in the background pronounced Ringo as “Sir Richard Starkey…for services to music.”

Ringo and his other three fab band members were honored as a group back in 1965. Paul McCartney, the other surviving member of The Beatles, was individually Knighted 21 years ago. Ringo’s now 77, so I’m glad they didn’t wait much longer.

Ringo may not have written many of their songs or sang lead vocals on many of them – he generally got to sing one song per album – but he provided the back beat for some of the most popular, memorable songs in rock history. For that, his solo work, his tours with his All Star band and his charitable acts, he made his mark on music and can now add “twice Knighted” to his legacy.

Doc Watson