Eddie Van Halen Sues Over Shot Video Footage

Courtesy: YouTube.com


According to TMZ, Eddie Van Halen is not too happy that a New York videographer, Andrew Bennett, is trying to sell some band footage that was shot back around 2006. Apparently, the videographer was hired to film the footage but Eddie did not like it and did not want to use it. Andrew Bennett is being accused of trying to sell the rehearsal footage without Eddie’s permission. The footage includes Eddie, his son Wolfgang, and his brother Alex. Bennett claims that he was never paid for recording the footage in the first place. Eddie claims that the two had settled the issue in 2015 and that Eddie received rights to the video.

Bennett has gone so far as to release a “trailer” of the footage on his website. The trailer can be seen below.

We’ll see how this one ends up as it plays out in court.