Al Jackson’s Quiz for July 11, 2019

Every week, Al Jackson helps Tom connect with modern culture. Now you can give the quiz to your friends and family. Send us the video or audio at

1. What is Eating something from the rooter to the tooter?

A: Eating everything on the animal (Cow, pig, etc)

This Thanksgiving mama cooked everything from the rooter to the tooter!

2. What is Cabbage?

A: Weed or someone’s head

I like my cabbage in edible form. I might smack him in his cabbage if he keeps talking to my girl.

3. What is lined up?

A: A fresh hair cut

Being lined up is necessary for the weekend

4. How is skeet-skeet different than skrt-skrt?

A: Skeet: Climax, orgasm; skrt-skrt: Leave an awkward situation

5. What is Cross Faded?

A: Extra drunk

Who doesn’t like to get crossfaded every now and again?

Official word of the week: DEFFO… Definitely

Example: “I’ll be at the concert DEFFO, no way I’m missing that!”

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