Doc’s Deep Dive At 6:15 P Brings Life To Forgotten Songs [VIDEO]

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I’ve told you about my high school mix tapes that I’d record off the Detroit rock radio stations. I had an FM radio tuner (boom box!) that included a cassette player that could record live audio off the station it was tuned to. Do they even make those gadgets anymore?

I usually would avoid recording the “hit,” the first single released off a given popular album. I got burned out on the big hit fairly quickly. I don’t know if that makes me a contrarian or what, but it’s how my musical tastes rolled from my teenage years on. I waited until the second, third or fourth single got airplay on the radio.

I called these cool tapes, “SNORE Tapes,” an acronym for Songs Not On Radio Enough. That’s the genesis of my 6:15p weeknight segment, Doc’s Deep Dive. Occasionally, I’ll play the “hit” off an album from our past, but only if it’s disappeared from radio playlists, due to reasons beyond my control. It’s not my goal to stump you, as much as to bring back to life great songs that deserve more attention. So enjoy the lesser known, stellar tunes when you get home after a long day at the work unit. This week’s tunes include:

M, 12/2, Boston, Something About You

Tu, 12/3, The Who, The Real Me

W, 12/4, The Pretenders, Don’t Get Me Wrong

Th, 12/5, Steve Miller Band, Livin’ In The USA

F, 12/6, The Sweet, Ballroom Blitz

Doc Watson