Rust Belt Rockers Shine On Doc’s Deep Dive This Week At 6:15p [VIDEO]

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Rust Belt natives are a hearty, grounded bunch. We work hard, we play hard and we value honesty and fair play. When manufacturing jobs began to disappear due to automation and corporate greed shipping the jobs elsewhere, some high tailed it to warmer climes, but most of us stood our ground. This is where we’re from. Our families are here. Our four seasons are here… and we don’t scare easily.

We make some damn fine cars, tractors, produce and rock and roll. This week, I’m shining the spotlight on Heartland rockers, heroes of the Rust Belt, that help get us through the tough times and savor those times when favor shines on us. Enjoy these great rock gems on Rust Belt Week on Doc’s Deep Dive at 6:15p, weeknights on 95.5, GLO.

M, 8/12, Michael Stanley Band (Cleveland), All I Ever Wanted

Tu, 8/13, Iron City Houserockers (Pittsburgh), Old Man Bar / Junior’s Bar

W, 8/14, REO Speedwagon (Champaign), Back on the Road Again

Th, 8/15, The Rockets (Detroit), Takin’ it Back

F, 8/15, Mitch Ryder (Detroit), Jenny Take a Ride

Doc Watson