Celebrate St. Petty’s Day Sunday With GLO 2-fers From Tom!

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St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, and as always, we’ll be all over it. Tim’s in the 2p downtown Peoria parade, and I’ll be at the party’s epicenter, Kelleher’s Irish Pub and Eatery on Water Street from noon ’til 3p.

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We could ply you with copious amounts of the great Irish band, U2, on St. Patrick’s Day, but we’ve been there, done that. So, listen for our St. Petty’s Day 2-fers at the top of every hour from the legendary Tom Petty! So wherever you’re getting your Irish on, listen for Tom at the top of every hour for nine hours straight.

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The fun starts at midnight Saturday night and goes every hour ’til 9 pm Sunday, when hopefully your Irish drinking and debauchery will be winding down – that is, if you plan on making it to work on Monday. Enjoy 2-fers from Tom on St. Petty’s Day from your Irish-for-the-day contrarian classic rock station, 95.5, GLO.

Doc Watson