From The Vault: Pink Floyd – Arnold Layne Remastered [VIDEO]

Photo by Youtube


The first video that Pink Floyd ever made has been remastered.

The band’s first single, “Arnold Layne,” was shot on a beach in East Wittering, England in February 1967 and original member Syd Barrett wrote the song about a cross-dresser named “Arnold Layne” who used to steal bras and panties from clotheslines in Cambridge, England. Barrett lived near Roger Waters growing up and their mothers both lost underwear to Arnold Layne. Although the video and song doesn’t really seem to be much ado Radio London banned this song, because of its topic. The far more conservative BBC played it, indicating they either didn’t have a problem with this particular subject or didn’t understand it. Check out the refurbished clip on YouTube and below.

~Anna Kinkade