Aerosmith Getting Early Jump On 50th Anniversary With Vegas Residency [VIDEO]

flickr mauge

Aerosmith, the best-selling American hard rock band of all time, is itching to reach its 50 birth day. The bad boys from Beantown officially claim 1970 as their born-on date, which means their 50th anniversary as a band really hits in the year 2020. But it’s Aerosmith, they don’t follow rules, they take the path less beaten. So they’re starting the celebration a little early with a spring 2019 Las Vegas residency.

Half of the Toxic Twins, Joe Perry, said this week, “We’re going to be doing a residency in Vegas starting next spring. What we want to do is something that I haven’t seen before – just downsizing our live show, playing in a smaller place. We want to do something different.”

Aerosmith is playing for only the second time this year on Wednesday (8/15) morning when they play on The Today Show. When I find out the spring dates, I’ll pass ’em along. Like you need another reason to go to Vegas, baby, right?

Doc Watson