Get The Led Out Block Party Weekend Is On! [VIDEO]


We’re commemorating Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary (they formed in London in ’68) this year by rolling a Get The Led Out Block Party Weekend from now until Sunday at 9 O’clock.

We’ve got three song blocks of Zep at the start of every hour all weekend long, then blocks of songs from our usual, Hall of Fame-caliber bands (most are actually in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a few aren’t – yet) the rest of the hour.

FYI, in a survey released by Nielsen this week (read it HERE), RADIO is the most used FREE medium consumed by us Americans. On average, it’s listened to about two hours per day, more on weekends like this, I’m sure.  So rock your sweaty balls off this weekend, enjoying 90-degree temps and THEE best rock every made for the nominal charge of:  FREE, the way radio’s meant to be!

Doc Watson