Doc’s Deep Dive, 6:15 PM Weeknights, Shines Spotlight On Forgotten Tunes [VIDEO]

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Doc’s Deep Dive is my new evening segment at 6:15. It’s a chance for me to play tunes from my misguided youth that, in my opinion, deserve more attention… great tunes that slipped through the formatted radio cracks and into the purgatory of music’s archives. It’s my pleasure to re-deliver these songs that meant something to me, and probably you too, in the days of our youth.

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I’m focusing on songs that were once on rock radio, but likely aren’t played anymore and likely weren’t the highest charting song from the album. As a young guy, by the time I bought an album and got it home, I was already burnt out on the big hit and would fall in love with a deeper cut that got some radio play or maybe none at all. I’d wonder why the record company didn’t release that song as the album’s first single. I named my cassette mix tapes, recorded off Detroit rock radio, “SNORES,” Songs Not On Radio Enough.

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My air is NOT to stump the band and play something that’s never been heard before, though I might do that down the line. If you’re around my age, I want you to hear these songs and be transported back to your high school or college days. The songs should be recognizable, but perhaps forgotten, giving you the coveted goal of the “Oh, Wow” moment. If you’re a younger listener, Here are some upcoming gems to tune or re-tune in for:

M, 7/16, Bruce Springsteen’s “Cadillac Ranch”

Tu, 7/17, Chase’s “Get It On”

W, 7/18, Cheap Trick’s “Stop This Game”

Th, 7/19, Graham Parker’s “Local Girls”

F, 7/20, Don Henley’s “How Bad Do You Want It”


Make it appointment listening, every weeknight at 6:15, tune back into the radio once you get home if that’s what it takes. it’s Doc’s Deep Dive on Peoria’s home for classic rock, 95.5, GLO.

Doc Watson