Phil Collen Back With Def Leppard Tour After Wife’s Child Birth Scare

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Remember when Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen left the band’s tour with Journey about a month and a half ago? (if not, read HERE.) Well, turns out his reason for splitting was well warranted and not the fault of any one.

The “family reason” was a major one. His wife, Helen, was giving birth and a life-threatening complication arose. Collen said, “She actually died and they brought her back to life. There was internal bleeding and just craziness…So I was actually on tour and when this happened I obviously had to go to California (to be with her).”

Wife, Helen, and new son, Jackson, are doing well, thank you.  Collen missed only three shows while Trixter’s Steve Brown filled in for Def Leppard for the second time.

Doc Watson