Doc’s Deep Dive Debuts At 6:15 PM With Bruce Springsteen Gem [VIDEO]


The debut of Doc’s Deep Dive begins this evening at 6:15 pm. This is a segment where I get to play for you a song from my misguided youth, a song that maybe appeared on rock radio for a short period of time and then was vanquished to the archives or maybe a song that never even got on the radio.

The first song, Springsteen’s “Waitin’ On a Sunny Day,” from his first post-9/11 album in 2002, “The Rising,” falls in the latter category. I never remember hearing it on the radio, but what a quintessential Springsteen song. It’s an upbeat dandy that can be interpreted on many levels. Since this album was his first after 9/11, it can be about our country standing strong, waiting for a better day (though the song was first written in ’98 or ’99), or someone waiting for love to reappear again into their life… or on a literal level, someone wanting some upbeat, sunny weather to reappear. Since we’re potentially dealing with some thunder storms this afternoon, I thought it’d be appropriate.

All the Springsteen pieces that make up his voluminous song library are on display on this song. His imploring vocals, assisted by Steven Van Zandt, Clarence Clemons’ bad ass sax, even a bit of Americana violin that creeped into the band this century. To this day, it’s one of the most popular, live songs he does in concert, giving the crowd yet another chance to join in during the sing-a-long.

Enjoy a musical blast from my past every weekday at 6:15 pm with Doc’s Deep Dive on Peoria’s home for classic rock, 95.5, GLO.